Randolph County Honor Guard - Providing Final Military Rites for Deceased Veterans

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Asheboro Parades





 (Flag Folding Service to Honor Four (4) WWII Veterans)

                             Honor Guard Provided the WWII U.S. Service Artifacts

                                                                      Honor Guard Detail

                         Flags (National and Christian) Honor Guard Entering Church

      Flag Folding Ready to Begin - Honor Guard Narrator Explains the Meaning of Each Fold of the Flag

         Honor Guard Bulgar Plays Taps for those Veterans Who Didn't Return Home

                                                                 The National Flag is Folded

   Color Guard Leaves the Church


                                    Two of the Four Survivors Who are Church Members

                     This Quilt Blue Stars Represents Church Members who Served in WWII
                                The Gold Stars Represented those who were Killed in Action

   These Two Flags (National with 48 Stars) and the Christian Flag were put away after
                WWII and Restored and Remounted for Future Hanging in the Church.

The Veterans of the Randolph County Honor Guard were Honored to be asked to Honor the Great Veterans of this Church and perform this presentation for its Members.  Our Country and Veterans will only be as strong as the Supply we receive from our fellow Countrymen.   It is with Honor and Commitment that we Continue our Support for Veterans!

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