Randolph County Honor Guard - Currituck Veteran Honor
Randolph County Honor Guard - Providing Final Military Rites for Deceased Veterans


BACKGROUND -The Honor Guard was contacted by the Gary Senise Charitable Foundation requesting we travel to Currituck to pay Military Honors to Sgt. Gregory Hedrick U.S, Army (Medically Retired) who was a Survivor of the War in Afghanistan.  They requested we send a color guard to present the colors at a presentation of providing a new 'Smart Home' to Sgt. Hedrick who lost a leg, a portion of his hand when his vehicle was struck by a Armored Piercing RPG Rocket resulting in the loss of one soldier and one wounded beside Sgt. Hedrick.  He spent a total of five years hospitalized for wounds, PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) treatment as a result of his 3rd deployment.  This is what our Armed Forces Member face each day to carry out our Nation's Directives. 

A special meeting was called by Commander Tom Barton to seek approval from the membership as - if approved, it called for expenditure of funds that require members approval to spend the level of funds required.  Needless to say - the trip was approved making this as a Special Mission on a one time specific basis.  Many stepped forward and a detail was selected as the trip which would be up to 5 hours travel with an overnight stay. 

 Needless to say, the composition of Veterans composing the detail were so motivated that the trip length or time posed no issues.  All went well, our participation was highly appreciated by the over 100 in attendance.  We on the details left with a full heart and appreciation of what price Sgt. Hedrick and our Armed Forces Members of today face today as many of us did during our years of honorable service in the 5 branches which makes up our composition  of Members in the Honor Guard.

                 Getting it together                                       The Upper Outer Banks of NC

The Home Paid for by a Great Veterans Foundation & Supporters

"The Honor Guard Detail with some of the Gary Sinise Foundation Personnel"

                 Waiting on Family                                                    Family Arrives

Gregory and Family Arriving - 2 of his 3 boys shown

Honors are Given to One Who Has Given So Much for Our Country

    " Greg and His Family (Personal Support Group) Received many Accolades"
Greg Accepts His Certificate Appointing Him
An Honorary Randolph County Honor Guard Member

The Press (T.V. - Radio - Writers) Covered the Event Well
After the Family was given the keys to the home and they raised the American Flag over their New Home, we departed back to the Motel for a Clothes Change and a bite of Bar-b-Que which was provided for the event and began the long 5 hour ride home feeling pride in Honoring an American Serviceman and Patriot!

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